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Frequently Asked Questions - Sha-De-Land l & ll  Mobile Home Parks

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1. Q. Do the mobile homes have propane gas appliances?
A. No, we have converted all the homes that used to have propane to electricity.
2.  Q. Are pets allowed at Sha-De-Land 1 & 11 Mobile Home Parks? 
A. We allow only indoor cats and no dogs after October 1, 2014.   
3. Q.  If my utilities are included, what does that mean? 
A.  Utilities included are water, up to $50 per month and electricity up to $140 per month.
Your sewer and garbage is also included in the utilities package.  We have garbage dumpsters
near our laundry but there is no garbage pick-up at your unit.  We ask that all tenants do not leave garbage
outside the unit since it will attract unwanted animals. 
4. Q. What type of lease do I have to sign?
A. Our lease is on a month to month basis and it automatically renews each month.  
5. Q. What if we have a problem after office hours?
A. Our managers live on site.  You can call the office phone number which is a cell phone.
The manager will either answer or you can leave a message.  The managers have an open-door policy
so you can come to their home and ring the door bell.  They will be glad to help you. 
6. Q. What if we want to look at a mobile home after office hours?   
A. The managers will set up a time with you at your convenience to show you a mobile home
after office hours. 
7. Q. I can only pay my rent after your office hours. What do I do then?
A. The managers have a slot on the door, in the screen porch where you can leave your payments.  
You can drop a payment in the slot any time.  It is always checked.  
8. Q. How do I take care of repairs?
A. All repairs are done through our maintenance department.  
You can fill out a work order in the office with your lot number on it.  The repair will be done as soon as possible.  
If there is an emergency repair needed on the weekend just call the office phone number and we take care of it. 
9. Q. Are Sha-De-Land 1 & 11 Mobile Home Parks for people 55 and older?  
A.  No, we are a family mobile home park and everyone is welcome.  
10. Q.  If my mobile home is paid off, how much is the lot rent?  
A.  Lot rent is $290 per month.  

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